Hear from some of our current customers!

Tim Burns - Astec Industries, Inc.

Astec Incorporated has had a long and successful relationship with Highland International as our primary coatings supplier since 1989. As a global provider of asphalt plants, and a recognized leader in our industry, we must maintain integrity of our plants with the best coatings in the industry. With the harsh environment of asphalt production and soil incineration equipment, we use Highland products for many different applications ranging from ambient temperatures to 1200F.

High Temp Paint High Temperature Paint High Heat Paint Heat Resistant Paint High Temp Coatings High Temperature Coatings High Heat Coatings Heat Resistant Coatings
Ben Burra - Equipment Superintendent at Arrow Road Construction

I would recommend Highland paint and the service behind that paint to anyone. The paint IS the best, but the SERVICE is better.”  

James Holder - Coating Services, Inc. at CF Industries

Coating Services Inc. has been installing and consulting on industrial coatings at C.F. Industries Nitrogen facility located in Donaldsonville, LA for many years. We have been using the Highland 827-HB DTM now for about five years with great success. We are now approving the Highland topcoats such as the 815 & 899 Series in colors. These coatings can be used on hot surfaces, hotter than competitor offerings, using their hot applied thinner which saves on shutting down for maintenance. The service and technical service we have received from Highland International has made a great partnership between our two companies to help fulfill CF Industries protective coatings needs in LA and beyond.  

Stoddard Porsche Exhaust Paint, Muffler Paint, High Temp Exhaust Paint, High Temperature Muffler Paint
Thomas Benham - Stoddard NLA, LLC

“I have been very happy with the attention and service we have received from Highland and it appears the product is exceptional as well.”  

Chris Cook - King Asphalt

“I have used Highland paint for over 20 years on various asphalt plants, and I give them an A+. The paint holds up great and I could not ask for better service.”    

High Temp Paint High Temperature Paint High Heat Paint Heat Resistant Paint High Temp Coatings High Temperature Coatings High Heat Coatings Heat Resistant Coatings
Brian Baker - Porta-Painting Contractor

“The Hi-Temp Dry-Fall 827-HB Series worked very well for the high temp exhaust stack repair at the power plant. The material was very easy to work with and clean up was quick.”

David Prim - Prim Industrial Contractors

We’ve been able to gain an “edge” on the competition by offering HIGHLAND- INTERNATIONAL’s products as they have a unique market share: DRY-FALL Epoxies and Polyurethanes as well as the best HI-HEAT coatings/linings on the market.

Christian Garcia - Praxair

“I was very satisfied with the performance of dry-fall. Overspray was eliminated entirely.”

David Prim - Prim Industrial Contractors

The coatings spray beautifully, perform beautifully and we have a long relationship with HIGHLAND-INTERNATIONAL and would welcome any calls concerning our experiences with Highland and with Matt Preston. Matt is NACE Certified, and very knowledgeable of all industrial applications. We would also welcome any visits to view any of our past completed projects to allow you to see firsthand, the durability, dependability, gloss retention, and Hi-Heat protection HIGHLAND- INTERNATIONAL offers.

ChemTemp Epoxy Novolac- Tank Liner, Internal Pipe Coating, Secondary Containment Coating, CUI Coating Hybrid Epoxy Novolac Liner Coating Chemically Resistant Epoxy Coating
Earl Carpenter - Deseret Laboratories, Inc.

“The 74-HF worked great for lining the interior of our boiler feed water tank, the tank is in service and all is good. The coating worked great and saved us thousands of dollars by allowing us to do it ourselves. We will be using Highland coatings again.”

Shelly Miles - Miles Fabrication

“I feel like the product is exactly what I need. I have no problems.”

David Prim - Prim Industrial Contractors

Our clients are extremely excited to have the opportunity to have high performance coatings and linings sprayed without the potential over-spray issues, liability!

Eddie Stocks - Edgecombe Martin County EMC

Edgecombe Martin County EMC is an electric distribution Cooperative in Eastern North Carolina. We have two external fuel tanks on our premise which supply diesel and gasoline to our electric distribution fleet of vehicles. These fuel tanks are approaching thirty years of age and have been painted several times over the years. The contractor always performed an excellent job on painting the tanks but the quality of the paint product always fell short and only lasted four to five years before another coat of paint was needed. With the use of Highland International industrial paint products designed specifically for our application I believe we will now be successful in achieving a quality coating that is designed to last and maintain a high quality look for many years. Our painting contractor that performed our last paint job on these tanks was pleased with the outcome of the product as well as the ease of application of the recommended dry fall product. We are now one year into the freshly painted tanks and they look as good as they did on day one. Now I can stay focused on our members, not our fuel tanks.