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Stove Master 1200

Wood Stove Paint & Grill Paint

Highland Stove Master 1200 is the latest in wood stove paint and grill paint technology. It was formulated to outperform competitor products in the same category, and packs some fantastic features. For starters, Stove Master is easy to apply and wets out to an ultra-smooth satin finish. Additionally, our modified silicone resin provides long lasting durability and color stability in temperatures up to 1200°F constant. Stove Master 1200 is perfect for wood stoves, pellet stoves, grills, smokers, heaters, boilers, and more. For even more wood stove paint and grill paint options, check out out high temperature coatings page.

Additional Features

Twice The Coverage Compared to Competitor Stove Paints

Stove Master 1200 provides more than twice the coverage of leading competitor coatings in the grill paint and wood stove paint category. Better coverage allows you to coat more area with the same amount of paint.

Ultra-Fast Dry Time & No Heat Cure Requirements

Stove Master 1200 is dry to the touch in 10 minutes or less. This allows you to complete the paint job quickly and get on to your next project. Additionally, Stove Master does not require a heat cure. This unique feature enables you to use the same coatings on all areas of your wood stove or grill regardless of operating temperatures.

Available Colors

9024 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Color Chart, Stove Paint Wood Stove Paint Grill Paint Smoker Paint High Temp Paint
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Temperature Resistance

Durable Protection to 1200ºF  


Smooth Satin Finish

Dry Time

10 Minutes to Touch

Coating Type

Modified Silicone

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