Stoddard NLA, LLC

Porsche Exhaust Paint

This customer refurbishes classic Porsches.  They had issues with their previous exhaust paint turning from gray to pink when it saw elevated temperatures.  They needed a high temperature coating with color stability up to 600°F that could also be matched to the factory-correct Porsche Exhaust Gray.  Highland met those criteria by developing our 808 Series Porsche Exhaust Paint. The customer has been extremely happy with the results. Our Porsche Exhaust Paint provides long lasting color stability, and durability.  

Customer: Stoddard NLA, LLC

Location: Highland Heights, OH

Products: HiTemp 808 Series Porsche Exhaust Paint

Available In: Aerosol Cans, Quarts, Gallons, Pails

Used on: Porsche Exhaust Components

Stoddard Porsche Exhaust Paint, Muffler Paint, High Temp Exhaust Paint, High Temperature Muffler Paint
Thomas Benham - Stoddard NLA, LLC

“I have been very happy with the attention and service we have received from Highland and it appears the product is exceptional as well.”  

Porsche Exhaust Paint | Aerosol Cans

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