Porta Painting - Cenex Pipeline Terminal

Premium corrosion resistance and gloss retention was desired without the worry of overspray damage on nearby cars and equipment.  Highland’s Industrial Dry-Fall Epoxy and Industrial Dry-Fall Urethane coatings were utilized to fit all of these requirements.  The contractor and customer were both extremely happy with the results. A durable good looking finish was achieved with no paint overspray damage.  

Customer: Porta Painting

Location: Chippewa Falls, WI

Paint Contractor (Applicator): Porta Painting

Products: 475R Series Dry-Fall 2K Epoxy Primer/ 68R Series Dry-Fall 2K Urethane Topcoat

Used on: Pipes and pipe racks


Industrial Dry-Fall 2-Part Epoxy & 2-Part Urethane Paint for pipes and pipe racks - Cenex Pipeline Terminal

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