Coatings for Refineries & Chemical Processing Facilities

Highland’s specialty industrial coatings for refineries and chemical procession facilities are utilized daily in many of the largest facilities in the US and beyond. From durable industrial maintenance paint to high temperature coatings, we have a solution for all areas of your facility. Our offerings don’t stop there, also included in our industrial paint lineup are the best coatings to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI coatings), and chemically resistant coatings & liners. Highland’s industrial dry fall paint line eliminates the need to shutdown operations for painting, and allows for spray application with no overspray worries. Lastly, our insulation coatings are easy to apply, and offer personnel protection and energy savings. Highland’s unique offerings to the petro-chemical industry are designed to maximize project throughput and lower maintenance costs by outperforming the competition in application characteristics, corrosion protection, and system longevity.

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