1. Choose A Plant Component That You Would Like To Paint

For the past 30 years Highland asphalt plant paint has been the choice of top HMA equipment manufacturers and facility owners alike. When it comes to paint for asphalt plants, Highland is the trusted name in the industry. From drum mixers to cold feed bins, Highland HMA plant paint provides premium aesthetics, and long-lasting corrosion protection. In addition to excellent coatings, Highland’s technical service is the best in the industry. Our technical representatives are trained specifically on HMA plant equipment. We can provide quantity estimates, system recommendations, surface preparation guidelines, and more. Call us today to get started on your project. HMA plant paint is our specialty.

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2. Choose Your System Type
Industrial Performance, Superior Aesthetics

Choose from one of three systems specifically designed for material feed systems. Each system provides its own unique benefits.

Highland HiGlo Industrial Paint System

HiGlo is the number one paint system for cold feed bins, RAP bins, and cold conveyors. It provides outstanding corrosion protection and long lasting color and gloss retention.

Longer Lasting Gloss & Color

Highland HiGlo 150 Series Topcoat provides longer service life, and superior resistance to fading and down-glossing compared to competitor products.

HiGlo 150 Series
HiGlo 84 Series
Maximum Corrosion Resistance

Highland HiGlo 84 Series Primer provides high performance corrosion protection. Additionally, it is extremely surface tolerant and may even be used over rusted surfaces.

Spray-Safe Dry Fall Paint System

Highland Spray-Safe dry fall coatings completely eliminate overspray worries while maintaining superior performance and aesthetics compared to competitor coatings.

Premium Aesthetics & No Overspray

When using Spray-Safe 65R Series, all overspray is powder dry within 20 feet of the application site. Additionally, it provides long-lasting color and gloss retention even in the most rugged industrial environments.

Spray-Safe 65R Series
HiGlo 84-DF Series
Rust Prevention & Still No Overspray

Spray-Safe 84-DF Series Primer completely eliminates overspray while providing high performance rust prevention and a long-lasting moisture barrier. It is surface tolerant and can be used over rusted surfaces.

Industrial Direct-to-Metal Paint System

Highland Direct-to-Metal coatings combine the same premium aesthetics seen in our topcoats with the superior corrosion resistance provided by our primers; all in a single coat.

One Coating That Does It All

Highland QuickDry45 Series provides premium aesthetics and superior corrosion protection. It is a self priming coating, and requires only one coat for a complete paint job.

QuickDry45 Series
#34 Urethane Modifier
Over-the-Top Performance & Aesthetics

Highland 34-ALH Urethane Modifier is an additive which imparts urethane-like characteristics any compatible Highland coating. When used in QuickDry45, it increases the gloss level and overall hardness of the coating. Additionally, it decreases dry time and creates a tighter film that is tougher to penetrate.

3. Request a Quote
Additional Information

Longer-Lasting Service Life

Superior Durability & UV Resistance Compared To Competitor Products

Specifically Designed for HMA Plants

Coatings Formulated for HMA Plants Alongside Industry Professionals

Rigorous Quality Control Standards

Every batch of paint is scrutinized to ensure the highest of quality standards.

NACE & SSPC Certified Support Staff

Our technical support staff is well trained & eager to solve your coating challenges.

Coating Process Evaluations

Our experienced technical representatives will visit your facility to evaluate and assist you in optimizing your spray equipment and techniques, your blast equipment, blast media, blasting techniques and more.

Application Training Classes

A partnership with Highland includes training classes for your paint crew. These classes include good painting practices, techniques to achieve high quality finishes, advanced surface preparation techniques, and more.  

Custom Coating Design Services

If we don’t already have the perfect coating for your process, our experienced chemists can develop a coating to your exact specifications including your ideal dry times, gloss levels, price point, and more.  

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