Highland International HiTemp High Heat/ High Temperature Paint/Coatings vs Competitor Product

Choosing the Right Coating Makes All the Difference

The photo above says it all. You are looking at two sections of duct work on two asphalt (HMA) plants. Both operate at the same service temperatures, and both were painted by the same contractor. The duct on the left was painted with a competitor product “Brand-X”, and the duct on the right was painted with Highland HiTemp High Temperature Paints/Coatings. After a year and a half in service you can really see the difference.

The Highland duct looks as good as new, while the “Brand-X”duct looks like it is ready for a new paint job.

This dramatic color shift not only looks bad, but it tells us that something is going wrong inside the coating. Even if looks weren’t a concern, this customer is now facing premature rusting due to coating failure. Fixing the problem entails paying a contractor to paint again, costly shutdown time, additional paint, and more.

Save yourself the headache and use a coating that you can trust! Highland HiTemp coatings do what we say they will do. Our HiTemp coatings are heat resistant, color stable, and the service life is second to none. What’s more, many Highland HiTemp coatings are available in Spray-Safe Dry-Fall formulations. Our HiTemp Dry Fall coatings allow for spray application in areas that were previously restricted to brush & roller application only. Message us or use the buttons below to learn more. Our highly trained technical representatives will guide you through the entire coating process.


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