Chemically Resistant Coatings - Liners & DTMs

Highland ChemTemp coatings are the latest in the chemically resistant coatings category. These high performance coatings provide long-lasting protection for steel and other substrates. They are suitable for harsh chemicals, strong acids, strong caustics, and more. Additionally, many of the coatings in our ChemTemp line feature high temperature resistance. Chemtemp coatings are easier to apply, provide better chemical resistance, and longer service life when compared to competitor chemically resistant coatings. They are commonly used as tank liners and vessel coatings, internal pipe paint systems, secondary containment coatings, and more. This unique product line provides maximum performance for all of your chemically resistant coating needs. Read on below for more information.

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Tank Liners & Vessel Coatings

Our tank liners and vessel coatings offer extreme durability and service life. These coatings are were specifically designed for high temperature services and extremely harsh cargoes.   

Internal Pipe Paint Systems

Pipelines all around the world are protected by our internal pipe paint systems. These unique heat and chemically resistant coatings are available in standard spray-applied formulations, and pig-applied in-situ formulations. Are you interested in in-situ applications? Check out this in-situ application video for more information.

Secondary Containment Coating

Our secondary containment coatings for concrete provide durable protection from harsh chemical attack. These coatings may be spray-applied or rolled on, making them easier to apply than competitor trowel on systems. Additionally, our secondary containment coatings feature increased flexibility to combat cracking caused by mechanical vibration or concrete flex.  

Free Service Evaluations

Submit your service parameters for expert evaluation today. Our highly qualified lab personnel will evaluate your service parameters, and suggest a chemically resistant liner coating that is guaranteed to provide fantastic service life.        

  • Common Cargoes

    ChemTemp Coatings are Suitable for theses Common Cargoes and More
    • Brine & Other NaCl Solutions
    • Carbon Dioxide – CO2
    • Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S
    • Methane – CH4
    • Methanol – CH3OH
    • MEK – C4H8O
    • Sodium Hydroxide – NaOH
    • Sulfuric Acid – H2SO4
    • Toluene – C7H8
    • Xylene – C8H10
    • Liquid AC (Asphalt Cement)
    • Hot Process Water
    Note: ChemTemp coating compatibility with the cargoes listed above is dependent on temperatures, concentrations, and other factors. Contact us for a comprehensive service analysis and coating recommendation.

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