Before you Select a Coating

Factors for Consideration BEFORE Selecting the Correct Coating

Do you want to avoid ongoing maintenance projects, and costly repairs…..Don’t make the mistake of using the wrong the paint! It is one of the most costly mistakes you can make! Before you review a coating or coating system for your next project, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration FIRST, to ensure ultimate success. These factors include: Type of Substrate, Surface Preparation, Application Process, Service Environment, and Expected Service Life. Too many times coating decisions are based on incomplete information or assumptions from previous projects.

Lack of information or decisions based on assumptions can quickly lead to frustration and added expense when improper coatings are selected. To avoid unnecessary repairs, constant maintenance, and coating failures, do your homework! Take these factors into consideration prior selecting your coating…You will be thankful you did when you save lots of time and $$$!

Type of Substrate – Wood, concrete, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc-rich/galvanized? Different substrates require different types of protection, and should always be reviewed for compatibility with your coating selection.

Surface Preparation – What is the current status of your substrate? Are you working with new, previously coated, actively rusting, or contaminated substrates? Are you able or willing to properly address certain substrate challenges? The ability to address substrate challenges such as failing coating, or active rusting, is key to the new coatings’ success; however, if budget, location, or process limitations exist, you will need to take these things into consideration to make the correct decision for required protection and expected service life.

Application Process – Can you spray? Do you have facility or equipment restrictions that require brush or roll? Do you have environmental or service factors that will be present during application? Do you have a congested environment where a “Spray-Safe” system may be required? Do you have the ability to shut down the service area, or will application need to be performed while in service? Some coatings are specifically formulated for spray or brush and roll applications. Some are designed for “Spray-Safe” or hot applications, and some are not. It is important to know how you can apply and what your limitations for application might be, prior to choosing a coating. You can likely gain better protection by addressing these requirements in advance.

Service Environment – High temperatures, low temperatures, chemical exposure, under insulation, cycling environment, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, immersion requirements or none of the above? All of these are factors to consider in choosing the correct coating. One coating may work for all your needs, but it may not. Knowing in advance will allow you to make the correct selections for all components, which will ensure longer service life and less maintenance expenses in the long run.

Service Life – How long do you expect your coatings to last? Knowing and addressing the previous factors (substrates, surface prep, application and service environments) will help you get the best service life out of your coating decisions and ultimately protect your assets against untimely corrosion problems.

Don’t hesitate to start saving time and money! There is likely a coating out there that will address any specific need or challenge, but it is unlikely that any one coating will do it all. If you do your homework, you will have defined factors specific to your needs, that will allow you to make the right coating decisions.