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899 Series

1000ºF High Temperature Direct to Metal Coating

Highland 899 Series is a unique high temperature direct to metal coating. It was formulated to outperform competitor products in the same category. For starters, 899  exhibits high build capabilities. It can be built up to 8 mils DFT in a single coat. Additionally, 899 Series is packed with rust inhibitors. It combines the corrosion resistance found in our HiTemp primers with the custom color capabilities of our HiTemp topcoats. This combination is truly unique. The benefits don’t stop there. Check out our High Temp Paint page for even more high temperature direct to metal coating options.

Dry Fall High Temperature DTM Coating

Highland 899 Series combines superior performance with dry fall capabilities. This unique feature eliminates overspray worries completely. 899 Series is the only dry fall high temperature direct to metal coating on the market. Applications in areas that are at high risk for overspray damage are no longer restricted to brush and roller only. Dry fall applications take a quarter of the time compared to B&R applications. As a result, labor costs can be lowered significantly. What’s more, spray applications generally provide more uniform film characteristics compared to B&R. This improves the overall look of your equipment. Visit our HiTemp Dry Fall page for more information.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Most competitor high temperature direct to metal coatings are just a topcoat that is labeled as a DTM. Meaning no rust inhibitors are included in the coating. 899 is a true DTM coating with superior corrosion resistance.  899 achieves this superior corrosion resistance through a combination of higher film builds, a complex system of rust inhibitors, and extremely dense cross linking. Our unique modified silicone base resin is the key to this superior cross linking. It completely seals the substrate off from future corrosion.    

Increased Flexibility

Highland 899 Series features top-tier flexibility. This characteristic provides many benefits. To start, increasing flexibility also increases heat resistance. Additionally, it prevents the coating from becoming brittle at high temperatures. Furthermore, it allows the coating to flex with the substrate without cracking or delaminating. 899 Series  provides durable protection to substrates ranging from ambient to 1000°F.  

Trouble deciding? Our blog post, 4 things to consider when selecting a high temp coating may be able to help.

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Temperature Resistance

Durable Protection to 1000ºF  



Hot Surface Application

Up to 400ºF  

Coating Type

Modified Silicone Copolymer

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