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830 Series

400ºF High Temp Dry Fall Primer

830 Series is our most popular high temp dry fall primer. It is industrial grade, and packs some fantastic features. To start, the unique dry fall capability allows for all overspray to be dry to a powder within 20 feet from the application site. This enables spray painting in areas that were previously restricted to brush and roller only. In addition, it features heat resistance to 400ºF. Furthermore, this high temp dry fall primer is packed with rust inhibitors, and does not require a heat cure. 830 Series provides durable and long-lasting corrosion protection to steel and other substrates. Finally, this high temp dry fall primer may be applied directly over tightly adhered rust with minimal surface preparation. It is perfect for large equipment in areas where overspray is a concern.  It is commonly used on baghouses, ductwork, and drag chains.

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Available Colors

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Temperature Resistance

Durable Protection to 400ºF

Max. Recoat Time

Open Window – No Limit

Color Availability

Light Yellow

Coating Type

Modified Silicone Alkyd

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