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808 Series

1200ºF High Temperature Exhaust Coating

HiTemp 808 Series is a high temperature exhaust coating featuring heat resistance to 1200ºF. It was specifically designed to provide maximum performance to muffler/exhaust systems. Additionally, this  DTM exhaust coating showcases high build capabilities. It can be built up to 5 mils DFT in a single coat. Consequently, 808 Series is provides long-lasting corrosion protection. 808 Series shows superior performance in road salt resistance when compared to competitor products. This makes it an ideal high temperature muffler and exhaust coating. What’s more, 808 Series can be color matched to factory correct muffler paint colors. 808 Series is currently stocked in a Porsche Muffler Gray. 808 Series is available in aerosol cans, pints, quarts, gallons, and pails.

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808 Series Porsche Exhaust Paint vs. Competitor Exhaust Paint

Highland 808 Series was first matched to the Porsche Exhaust paint color for a customer that was formerly using a competitor coating. This competitor coating did not hold color when heated. We were able to provide the factory correct color in a temperature stable formulation. Check out the image below. It speaks for itself.

Available Colors

802 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Color Chart High Temp Paint High Temperature Paint High Temp Coating High Temperature Coating
808-LH-5911 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Porsche Muffler Gray


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Thomas Benham - Stoddard NLA, LLC

“I have been very happy with the attention and service we have received from Highland and it appears the product is exceptional as well.”  


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Temperature Resistance

Durable Protection to 1200ºF  



Color Availability

Standard & Custom Colors  

Coating Type

Silicone Copolymer

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