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74-AR Series

450ºF Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Novolac Coating - Liner & DTM

Highland ChemTemp 74-AR Series is a unique abrasion resistant epoxy novolac coating. It was formulated to outperform competitor products in the same category, and packs some fantastic features. To start, 74-AR was specifically designed to withstand harsh abrasive services. It utilizes a 3 component system to provide an extremely durable film. In addition, it shows superior chemical resistance at a relatively thin film thickness of 16 mils TDFT. Furthermore, 74-AR Series features the temperature resistance of our high temp coatings. From very hot to freezing temperatures, 74-AR Series can handle a vast temperature range. It provides durable protection to substrates ranging from -50°F to 450°F.

Abrasion Resistant Internal Pipe Coating System

74-AR is providing next-level protection to pipelines carrying abrasive cargos. This superior protection is achieved through a combination of extreme abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and high temperature resistance. Additionally, 74-AR Series features ultra-high cross link density which provides durable resistance against acidic, and caustic environments.

Abrasion Resistant Tank Liner & Vessel Coating

When it comes to tank lining, 74-AR Series is the top solution for abrasive services. Due to ultra-dense cross linking, it provides protection that is equivalent to some 100% solids coatings, in half the mils. Additionally, it is far easier to apply than competitor products in the tank liner category. 74-AR does not require plural component equipment, and features a generous 3 hour pot life. As a result, 74-AR can be easily worked into deep pits and voids. Finally, unlike 100% solids products, 74-AR is easily repairable. All of this adds up to a tank liner that is easier to use, more cost effective, and extremely durable.

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Temperature Resistance

Immersion: 350˚F, Dry Heat: 450˚F



Hot Surface Application

Up to 300ºF  

Coating Type

Hybrid Epoxy Novolac

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