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70-HF Series

200ºF Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating

Highland ChemTemp 70-HF Series is a surface tolerant chemical resistant epoxy coating. It was formulated to outperform competitor products in the same category, and packs some fantastic features. To start, 70-HF shows superior chemical resistance at a relatively thin film thickness of 8-16 mils TDFT. In addition, 70-HF Series features low temperature cure capabilities. A full cure can be achieved in temperatures as low as 20°F. Furthermore, this chemical resistant epoxy coating is a premium option for services up to 200°F. Continue reading below for more information on this fantastic surface tolerant chemical resistant epoxy coating.

Internal Pipe Paint System

70-HF is providing next-level protection to pipelines all around the world. This superior protection is achieved through a combination of extreme chemical resistance, and ultra-high cross link density. 70-HF is a fantastic option for acidic, and caustic environments. For a pig-applied in-situ internal pipe paint system, check out our 70-IS internal pipe paint.

Tank Liner & Vessel Coating

When it comes to tank lining, 70-HF Series is a fantastic solution. 70-HF Series is commonly used on water tanks and other water containment structures, chemical storage tanks, fuel storage tanks, and solvent storage tanks. 70-HF Series is easy to apply, and provides long-lasting service life.

Low Temperature Cure

70-HF Series was specifically formulated to allow for extremely low temperature cures. See the chart below for cull low temp cure capabilities.

Dry Time
Minimum Recoat
26 Hours
9 Hours
5 Hours
4 Hours
Dry Hard
53 Hours
17 Hours
10 Hours
7 Hours
15 Days
7 Days
5 Days
48 Hours
Full Cure
3-7 Days
3-7 Days
3-7 Days
3-7 Days

Available Colors

1024 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Color Chart High Temp Paint High Temperature Paint High Temp Coating High Temperature Coating
5043 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Color Chart High Temp Paint High Temperature Paint High Temp Coating High Temperature Coating
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Temperature Resistance

Durable Protection to 200°F



Color Availability

Standard & Custom

Coating Type

Surface Tolerant Epoxy

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