64 Series

Industrial polyurethane Topcoat

64 Series is an industrial polyurethane topcoat which packs some fantastic features. Our unique copolymer polyurethane resin provides industrial grade performance and premium automotive looks. 64 Series features a deep wet  look with an ultra high-gloss finish. Due to fantastic UV resistance, these premium aesthetics last for years. Additionally, 64 Series provides fantastic chemical and salt resistance. This makes it a perfect option for road or coastal environments. Finally, this industrial polyurethane topcoat is impact and chip resistant. It is a our premier option for heavy construction equipment and industrial automotive services. Check out our Industrial Maintenance Coatings page for even more industrial polyurethane topcoat options.

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Weatherability & UV Resistance



High-Gloss Finish  

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Coating Type

Copolymer Urethane

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