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335 Series

750ºF High Temperature Inorganic Zinc Primer

HiTemp 335 Series is a high temperature inorganic zinc primer featuring heat resistance to 750ºF. This industrial grade inorganic zinc primer was designed to provide maximum corrosion protection. The unique galvanic action provides premium cathodic protection to hot steel surfaces. Furthermore, this high temperature inorganic zinc primer is perfect for equipment needing top quality corrosion protection. It is commonly used on ductwork, exhaust components, stacks, and more. Check out our High Temp Paint page  for even more high temperature primer options. 335 Series is our only high temperature inorganic zinc primer.

Available Colors

5082 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Inorganic Zinc Gray
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Temperature Resistance

Durable Protection to 750ºF



Color Availability


Coating Type

Inorganic Zinc

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