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325R Series

Dry Fall Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

325R Series is a one of a kind coating. It is the only dry fall zinc rich epoxy primer on the market. 325R combines the fantastic corrosion resistance and service life of an traditional zinc rich epoxy primer with specialty dry fall application characteristics. This unique dry fall capability allows for spray applications with no overspray worries. Areas that were previously restricted to brush and roll applications can now be coated via spray application. Read on below to find out more about this unique dry fall zinc rich epoxy primer.

Additional Features

No Need for Containment or Masking

Traditionally when spray applying in areas that are at high risk for overspray damage, masking or containment was required. Overspray from our 325R Series is dry to a powder within 10-20 feet from the application site. This powdered overspray is easily brushed or blown off leaving behind no residue. This adds up to quicker job completion and lower project cost.

No Down Time

325R enables painting to take place with no interruption to operations. Because there is no risk for overspray damage, operations can continue during painting projects.

Lower Labor Costs

By enabling spray application where previously impossible, 325R allows paint contractors can save tremendously on labor. Spray applications are up to 4x faster when compared to brush and roll. A contractor using Highland dry fall can far under-bid competitors while simultaneously increasing profit. Check out our Dry Fall vs. Brush & Roll comparison for more info.

Cathodic Protection

325R Series combines the fantastic corrosion protection of an epoxy with the cathodic protection of a zinc coating. This dry fall zinc rich epoxy primer features 84% zinc dust in the dry film. This heavy zinc load provides galvanic cathodic protection to steel surfaces.

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Available Colors

5082 - Industrial Paint Color Selector | Inorganic Zinc Gray
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Minimum Surface Prep.

SSPC-SP2 Hand Tool Cleaning  


Flat Finish  

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Coating Type

Dry Fall Zinc Rich Epoxy

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