Spray-Safe Dry-Fall

Highland Spray-Safe Industrial Dry-Fall Paint has fundamentally changed the approach to painting in congested areas. Projects previously viewed as “High Risk” for paint overspray damage were restricted to brush and roll applications only. Not anymore. Prevent costly paint overspray removal before the damage ever happens. When using our Spray-Safe Dry-Fall paint line, all overspray  is dry to a powder within 10-20 feet of the application site.  Additionally, these unique industrial Dry-Fall Coatings allow for applications that are 4X faster when compared to brush and roll. All Highland Dry-Fall Coatings are solvent-borne and industrial grade. What’s more, our Dry-Fall paint line boasts Dry-Fall 2-Part Epoxy and Dry-Fall 2-Part Polyurethane coatings. With no sacrifice to performance or aesthetics, Highland Spray-Safe industrial Dry-Fall Paint is the perfect choice for your next project.

Spray-Safe Industrial Dry-Fall Paint

Be sure to check out our HiTemp Dry-Fall page for even more industrial Dry-Fall paint options.

  • The only solvent-borne 2-component dry-fall coatings on the market.
  • Our solvent borne dry-fall systems offer superior service life compared to waterborne counterparts.
  • Low VOC formulas are available – We meet the strict 250 g/L requirements.
  • Dry-Fall Spray-Safe capabilities allow for spray applications which are 4X faster than brush and roll applications.
  • HiTemp Dry-Fall formulas are available for service temperatures up to 1200°F.

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