Recommended System Guide for Aggregate Industries

Ready Mix Plants • Rock Quarries • Crushers

Highland High Performance Coatings are ideal for rugged environments found in the aggregate industry. If minimal surface preparation, maximum corrosion protection, and/or Dry-Fall coatings are required for spray-safe application, Highland has system to meet your specific needs.

Recommended System Guide for Power Plants

Highland offers specialized coating systems for all areas of power plants. See the Power Plant Coating Guide for our recommendations for: (areas without elevated temperatures) structural steel, scrubber steel, precipitators, lagging, storage tanks, cranes, piping and grating, and (areas with elevated temperatures) stacks, soot blowers, piping, vents, and combustion turbines.

Recommended System Guide for
Components with Elevated Temperatures

Highland HiTemp Coatings provide aesthetic and durable protection for surface temperatures ranging from ambient to 1200°F. Use this Guide to determine the correct system(s) for optimum performance based on your specific requirements.

Recommended System Guide for: Tanks and Pipelines

Tanks and Pipelines demand complex coating systems to meet the needs of various components in diverse environments. Highland offers a premier Liner-Coating option that addresses interior needs, as well as a complete line of Dry- Fall Coatings that address exterior application and performance requirements. Autoclave test results for adhesion of the 74 Series Liner- Coating in gaseous, hydrocarbon, and water phases at 350˚F indicate that Highland’s 74 Series convincingly outperforms competitor products at even twice the recommended film build required of the 74 Series. The 74 Series, combined with Highland solvent borne Dry-Fall DTM, Primer, and Topcoat, provide spray-coating options for any component under a vast array of exposure or environmental demands, which include high traffic areas.


Highland High Performance Dry-Fall Coatings are ideal for any application requiring optimum performance in harsh environments and/or where paint overspray issues are a concern. Paint overspray wipes away easily without chemicals or buffing. Since these products are applied by conventional or airless spray equipment you eliminate the need for expensive brush and roll application saving time and money for both painting contractor and facility owner.

Paint overspray from Highland Dry-Fall Coatings is powder fry within 10-20 feet from point of application.

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