Components with Elevated Temperatures up 1200°F.

Product # Description: Recommended Use:
48 Series Hybrid Epoxy Novolac HiTemp 48 Series 450°F Insulation Epoxy Primer is a high build surface tolerant 2-K hybrid epoxy novolac that is specifically formulated to provide exceptional temperature insulation and heat reduction properties, as well as exceptional chemical and corrosion protection. It is an excellent choice for priming under insulation when maximum temperature and corrosion protection is needed. 48 Series may be applied at 12 mils DFT per coat to achieve the recommended film thickness. When applied at 12 mils DFT on 450°F surfaces, it will lower the surface temperature by 130°F. With the proper reducer selection, this product can be modified so that it may be applied directly to hot surfaces up to 400°F
15-ZN Series

1000°F Silicone Zinc

15-ZN is a special zinc-rich primer that offers cathodic protection up to 1000°F and is an excellent choice for optimal corrosion resistance. This primer works well with the 885 Series Topcoat. Note: This product heat cures
at 250°F.
47 Series
500°F Hybrid Novolac
47 Series is specifically formulated to alleviate extensive surface prep while providing excellent temperature and chemical resistance. It provides great protection against strong acids as well as elevated temperatures. Topcoat
with 885 Series for improved aesthetics and added protection.
899 Series
High Build 1200°F
Silicone Copolymer
889 Series is a high build direct-to-metal coating that offers exceptional performance in an amazing one coat application! This “next generation” technology provides the corrosion protection, flexibility and heat resistance
of a primer/topcoat system in an unprecedented 1 step application - without sacrificing aesthetics! 889 Series is available in a selected range of colors to meet your specific needs.
827 Series 1000°F Silicone
827 Series is a direct-to-metal coating specifically designed to address CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) needs. It is an excellent choice for painting stacks, components that require high performance at temperatures up to
1000°F, or under insulation. Available in black. Note: This product heat cures at 200°F.
TOPCOAT 885 Series 1200°F Silicone
885 Series is a remarkable product for plants and/or components that experience temperatures from 250°F to 1200°F. Use with: 880 Series Primer where heat resistance and corrosion protection are the primary concern,
15-ZN Primer where optimal corrosion resistance is required, and Chem-Temp 47 Series Primer where chemical/acid protection is needed. 885 Series is available in selected range of colors. Note: This product heat cures at 250°F.
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