Southern Concrete RMC Plant
Weaverville, North Carolina



Southern Concrete Materials, Weaverville, NC

COATED BY: Mitchell Industries, Hamptonville, NC
COATED WITH: Highland 84-DF Series Dry-Fall Primer Highland 65R Series Dry-Fall Topcoat

Originating in 1958, Southern Concrete now operates about 30 Ready Mix Plants in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. They have been a Highland customer for many years and this past summer they painted 2 of their RMC facilities with our Dry-Fall coatings and plan to paint another this fall.

The plant in Weaverville, NC is in close proximity to a business district and their concern about overspray problems led them to choose Highland Dry-Fall Coatings. Paint overspray from Highland Dry-Fall coatings is powder dry within 10-20 feet from point of application and paint overspray wipes off without chemicals or buffing.

While painting was in process, the facility remained open. Matthew Mitchell of Mitchell Industries, was exuberant about the performance of Highland Dry-Fall coatings: “Southern Concrete was running at full capacity and we just kept working!. We are very happy with Highland Dry-Fall Coatings.”

Mitchell Industries specializes in painting RMC plants, HMA plants, quarries and fuel tanks… all heavy industry facilities: “Highland is my #1 coating supplier!”

Overspray from all of Highland’s Dry-Fall Coatings is powder dry within 10-20 feet from point of application eliminating paint overspray damages.

Coatings used on the Southern Concrete Weaverville Plant:

84-DF Series Dry-Fall Primer

features an elaborate system of rust inhibitors for outstanding corrosion protection and adhesion even on surfaces with limited preparation.

65R Series Dry-Fall Topcoat

provides outstanding gloss and weathering properties at an economical cost.

Spray Application without overspray worries!
Save Time! No need to shut down the plant while painting!
High Performance Dry-Fall! No sacrifice of durability or aesthetics!

High Performance Dry-Fall Available in:
2-K Epoxy - 2-K Urethane - Acrylic - HiTemp

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