Dock Side Crane - TSI Terminal, Vancouver, British Columbia



Dock Side Crane – TSI Terminal,
Vancouver, BC

COATED WITH: Painted with Highland 485 Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy DTM (Direct to Metal)

This Dock Side Crane is 150 feet up to the boom and 230 feet to the apex. During the painting process, the surrounding cranes continued moving containers from the ship to the waiting trailers below.

TSI chose Highland 485 Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy DTM because their environment demands a coating with excellent corrosion protection, and because they did not want to worry about paint overspray damage to the busy work arena below. Highland Dry-Fall High Performance Paint is powder dry within 10-20 feet from point of application, allowing overspray to be wiped off without chemicals or buffing.

They shortened this project considerably by eliminating days of labor intensive brush and roll application. Safe-spray application permitted all work in the area to continue unaffected by overspray damage. Since 485 has a fast recoat time of only 30 minutes and can be re-coated in one hour, the project progressed quickly, resulting in lower labor costs and shorter facility down time.

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