Thompsons Grain Elevator in Hensall, Ontario



Thompsons Ltd 80’ Fertilizer Bin & Grain Elevators

COATED BY: On-Site Coatings, Chatham, Ontario
COATED WITH: Highland High Performance 475 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy Primer, 84-DF Series Dry-Fall Structural Primer, 68 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Urethane Topcoat And 65C Series Dry-Fall Acrylic Topcoat

Thompsons Limited, an Ontario based provider of agricultural supplies including seed and fertilizer, had a bad experience painting one of their facilities a few years ago when paint overspray drifted into a populated area. The community was not happy about this and neither was Thompsons. They definitely wanted to avoid a similar incident with the 80’ fertilizer bin they were about to paint. They were also concerned about overspray reaching the heavily traveled Highway #4 just two blocks away, as well as the grain elevators right next door.

On-Site Coatings, their painting contractor for the 80’ fertilizer bin, recommended Highland Dry-Fall High Performance coatings. Since paint overspray from Highland Dry-Fall is powder dry within 10-20’ from point of application, their overspray concerns would be eliminated.

Fertilizer dust is corrosive and they knew they wanted a system that would provide much needed protection from the dust as well as UV rays. For this project they chose 475 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy Primer because it is surface tolerant and provides chemical, water, weathering and corrosion protection… just what is needed for a facility such as this. For the topcoat, they selected 68 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat for excellent durability, color retention and UV protection.

When asked about the performance of Highland Dry-Fall coatings, Ed Jack, President of On-Site Coatings, had this to say: “We were painting an 80’ fertilizer bin for Thompsons Limited using Highland Dry-Fall Epoxy and Urethane. I had parked my white truck directly below the bin and at the end of the day I found it covered in paint overspray. I really thought I was in trouble but my worries ended quickly as the overspray dust blew right off as I drove away!”

After their successful painting of the 80’ fertilizer bin without overspray problems, Thompsons continues to paint their other facilities, including the grain elevator pictured above, with a variety of Highland Dry-Fall Coatings and have had no overspray incidents. They saved time and money with fast “Worry Free” spray application.


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