Sweet Naphtha Storage Tank in Oklahoma Refinery is well protected with Highland Dry-Fall Solvent-borne Coatings



Sweet Naphtha Storage Tank at Oklahoma Refinery

COATED BY: Kanard Industrial Painters
COATED WITH: Highland 475-R Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy Primer, 68-R 2-K Dry-Fall Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat and 74 Series 2-K Epoxy Lining

This Sweet Naphtha storage tank located in the midst of a refinery required Dry-Fall Spray-Safe application. Water-borne dry-fall coatings do not provide the needed corrosion protection for this environment, and brush and roll application of a solvent-borne coating would almost double the application cost!

Highland to the rescue! 475-R Dry-Fall 2-K High Performance Epoxy was applied at 6 mil DFT and provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. It was topcoated with 68-R 2-K Dry-Fall High Performance Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat for excellent color retention, UV and corrosion protection, even when exposed to harsh climatic and chemical environments. Highland High Performance Dry-Fall Coatings are powder dry within 10-20 feet from point of application and paint overspray is easily wiped off. Fast efficient spray application is up to 40% faster than brush and roll application and reduces labor expenses and plant down time.

The interior of the tank is coated with Highland 74 Series Chem-Temp High Build 2-K Hybrid Novolac Epoxy, which is specifically formulated to provide exceptional temperature and chemical protection. It is designed to be used as a liner to withstand acidic, caustic and high heat environments. The refinery engineering group is pleased with the finished product and the contractor stated the applications all went very well. Save Time and Money Fast & Spray-Safe Application with Highland High Performance Dry-Fall Coatings



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