CHS Grain Terminal in Savage, Minnesota



CHS Grain Terminal, Savage, Minnesota

COATED BY: Swanson & Youngdale
COATED WITH: Highland Dry-Fall 475 Series -2K Epoxy Primer and Dry-Fall 68 Series 2-K Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat

CHS is a Fortune 200 diversified energy, grains and foods company recognized as a global leader in efficiently moving, processing and marketing the highest quality grains and grain-based products.

In the past, CHS had used acrylic latex dry-fall paint on one of their facilities to avoid overspray damages, but the water-borne paint failed to provide the performance they needed. Within 2 years time, it was showing rust and rust bloom.

When planning to paint their grain terminal in Savage, Minnesota, on the Minnesota River where they had experienced previous overspray problems, they wanted a better solution. They were very concerned about overspray damages to traffic on the 4-lane road bordering their operation, other businesses across the street and their own 3 acre parking lot. They also wanted a system that would not fail.

Duane Weaver, Production Manager of Swanson & Youngdale, a high quality provider of painting and special coatings for commercial, industrial and maintenance customers, of St. Louis Park, MN had seen Highland’s “No More Overspray Worries” ads in JPCL and decided they needed to pick a project to try these products. The CHS Grain Terminal reaching up to 100’ high seemed a perfect fit to
test the validity of the ad.

The facility remained open during the painting and trucks were lined up for their turn to load at the terminal. Swanson and Youngdale also parked one of their own trucks directly under the terminal, and at the end of the day, some of the company’s bosses including Mr. Robert Swanson, President, went over to see what had happen. As promised, the overspray wiped right off! Not one incident of overspray was reported. CHS is pleased with the money saved by keeping the operation open and by the quality of the products. Highland’s Solvent-Borne System of 475 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy Primer and 68 Series 2-K Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat has a proven track record of providing years of protection.

Swanson and Youngdale have since used Highland Dry-Fall products on other projects including a stack on a peaking station for Great River Energy that may reach temperatures of 600˚F. They also have plans to paint other facilities for CHS.

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