Fort Benning Jump Towers



Parachute Jump Towers, Fort Benning Army Post in Georgia

COATED BY: Williams Specialty Services
COATED WITH: Highland 475 Dry-Fall 2-K Expoxy Primer and 68 Series HiShield Dry-Fall 2-K Aliphatic Urethane Topcoatt

The jump towers are 283’ tall with several thousand cars and military busses parked below. There is a major intersection close by connecting military dependent housing to the training facilities, creating even more potential for paint overspray damage.

The painting contractors, Williams Specialty Services in Stone Mountain, GA, understood the possibility of catastrophic paint overspray contamination and wanted to use Highland High Performance Dry-Fall Coatings.

Williams was aware of the quality and effectiveness of Highland Dry-Fall coatings through another division of their company that uses Highland Dry-Fall extensively on TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) projects. They believed it would be the safest way to apply a High Performance Coating that would deliver the protection needed for the jump tower project. The Army Corps of Engineers wanted to use brush and roll application to avoid any possible overspray damages, even though the previous time the towers were painted it took nine long months. When Williams explained that paint droplets from brush and roll application can travel miles when airborne, causing overspray damages, the Corps decided that Highland Dry-Fall was the best choice.

They chose Highland’s 475 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy Primer because it is surface tolerant and provides outstanding adhesion and atmospheric corrosion protection. For the topcoat, they chose 68 Series HiShield Dry-Fall 2-K Aliphatic Urethane because it will provide durable long-term UV protection and will maintain its beautiful “Wet Look” automotive finish. The project was completed in less than 4 monthswith no overspray damages or incidents. The Army Corps of Engineers is extremely pleased with the quality of the coating plus the enormous savings in time and labor cost.



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