This aerial photo shows the 48’ Petroleum Floating Roof Storage Tank under construction in the fall of 2011. The car dealership is within 200’ as well as considerable highway traffic.



48' Floating Roof Petroleum Tank

COATED BY: West Virginia Paint, LLC
COATED WITH: 325R Dry-Fall Zinc Rich 2-K Epoxy Primer, 475R Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy Primer and 68R 2-K Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat

This terminal installed a new 48’ floating roof petroleum storage tank at their facility in Victoria, Texas and contracted West Virginia Paint, LLC to paint it in December 2011. The terminal’s primary concern was for high performance protection for the tank and maximum performance and duration of the coating system.

With regard to application, there was also a major concern about paint overspray damage to the Chrysler Dodge Car Dealership just 200 feet away from the new tank.

Because of the proximity of the car dealership to the new tank, even brush and roll application presented a great risk for airborne paint droplets to damage the new cars.

To avoid encapsulation procedures and extended application time, the terminal decided to use Highland Solvent-Borne Dry-Fall Coatings to satisfy both of these concerns.

A Dry-Fall 3-Coat system of Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Primer (tie-coat) and Urethane Topcoat was used to provide the level of protection required.

The project began in December 2011 and winter weather also presented potential application problems:

Dave Cushman, General Manager of West Virginia Paint, who has been with that company for 32 years said: “Highland Dry-Fall paint was the only product that fit the need for painting this petroleum tank because of the risk factors. There were no overspray complaints and no issues during this project. Everybody is happy.”

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