Thompsons Grain Elevator in Hensall, Ontario


In places, support cables are within 25 feet of moving traffic. The project was completed without overspray incidents.


CHS Grain Terminal in Savage, Minnesota


LBM Quarry in Sapphire, NC has excellent corrosion protection with Highland Dry-Gall 485 Series


Profile: Southern Concrete Materials, Weaverville, NC

Originating in 1958, Southern Concrete now operates about 30 Ready Mix Plants in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. They have been a Highland customer for many years and this past summer they painted 2 of their RMC facilities with our Dry-Fall coatings and plan to paint another this fall.

Profile: 48' Floating roof petroleum tank

This terminal installed a new 48’ floating roof petroleum storage tank at their facility in Victoria, Texas and contracted West Virginia Paint, LLC to paint it in December 2011. The terminal’s primary concern was for high performance protection for the tank and maximum performance and duration of the coating system.

Profile: Thompsons Ltd 80’ Fertilizer Bin & Grain Elevators

Thompsons Limited, an Ontario based provider of agricultural supplies including seed and fertilizer, had a bad experience painting one of their facilities a few years ago when paint overspray drifted into a populated area. The community was not happy about this and neither was Thompsons. They definitely wanted to avoid a similar incident with the 80’ fertilizer bin they were about to paint.

Profile: CHS Grain Terminal, Savage, Minnesota

CHS is a Fortune 200 diversified energy, grains and foods company recognized as a global leader in efficiently moving, processing and marketing the highest quality grains and grain-based products.

Profile: Dock Side Crane – TSI Terminal, Vancouver, BC

This Dock Side Crane is 150 feet up to the boom and 230 feet to the apex. During the painting process the surrounding cranes continued moving containers from the ship to the waiting trailers below.

Profile: Parachute Jump Towers Fort Benning Army Post in Georgia

The jump towers are 283' tall with several thousand cars and military busses parked below. There is a major intersection close by connecting military dependent housing to the training facilities creating even more potential for paint overspray damage.

Profile: LBM Quarry in Sapphire, NC

The LBM Quarry in Sapphire, NC is a very busy place with more than 100 trucks per day coming in. In addition there is quarry equipment, employee parking, a Ready Mix Plant and Hot Mix Asphalt Plant on site. Paint overspray damage was a major concern since they planned to paint the facility during normal business hours.

Profile: Sweet Naphtha Storage Tank at Oklahoma Refinery

This Sweet Naphtha storage tank located in the midst of a refinery required Dry-Fall Spray-Safe application. Water-borne dry-fall coatings do not provide the needed corrosion protection for this environment, and brush and roll application of a solvent-borne coating would almost double the application cost!

Profile: Suspended Central Span Bridge, Detroit, Michigan

Bridges offer an obstacle course of coating concerns. There are the obvious problems of difficult and dangerous prep and painting
conditions, extreme moisture and atmospheric conditions and expensive time-consuming brush and roll application to eliminate paint overspray damage

Profile: Hubbard Construction Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Hubbard is Florida's largest heavy civil construction company and a leader in the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry. They take pride in their work and in the equipment that helps them remain a leader in their field. Highland takes pride in providing HiTemp coatings to keep this facility looking like new.

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