Chemically Resistant Pipe Linings

Highland’s chemically resistant pipe linings were originally developed with the support of pipeline owners, engineers, and applicators from around the world. These unique pipe coatings are formulated to handle harsh cargos and immersion temperatures up to 350°F. Our chemically resistant pipe linings utilize thin film technology (12-16 mils TDFT). This allows for easier applications and quicker turnarounds. What’s more, Highland offers formulas to address specific requirements such as abrasion resistance, hot process water, and hot extraction to name a few. In addition to shop applied options, our pipe linings are also available in “in situ” formulations. These in situ pipe linings may be applied to existing pipeline via pigging technology to allow for “in-place” applications. This unique advantage negates the need for costly extractions. Check out our ChemTemp page for more info on our pipe coatings and chemically resistant pipe linings.

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