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Coatings for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Highland’s Industrial OEM paint lineup is the product of almost 30 years of partnerships with top equipment manufacturers. Through the years these coatings have been tailored to the specific needs of equipment manufacturers. The result is a line of quick dry paint featuring long lasting color and gloss retention, and extreme durability. Our industrial OEM paint  provides faster throughput and  maximizes production efficiency. In addition to our unique OEM product lineup, Highland has the capability to design a custom coating that is tailored to your specific needs. We will customize every aspect of the coating, from gloss level to dry time and more. The manufacturers that use our OEM paint naturally develop a reputation for long lasting, quality products. Contact us today to take advantage of our free process evaluation. Check out our OEM page for comprehensive systems guides for OEMs.

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Popular Industrial OEM Paint Selections

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Tim Burns - Astec Industries, Inc.

Astec Incorporated has had a long and successful relationship with Highland International as our primary coatings supplier since 1989. As a global provider of asphalt plants, and a recognized leader in our industry, we must maintain integrity of our plants with the best coatings in the industry. With the harsh environment of asphalt production and soil incineration equipment, we use Highland products for many different applications ranging from ambient temperatures to 1200F.


OEM Primers


OEM Direct to Metal Coatings


OEM Topcoats




Direct to Metal



  • Increase your throughput with easy to apply, fast dry options that also meet your specialty service requirements.
  • Quick-Dry options for services up to 1200F with no heat cure required.
  • Custom coating systems designed around your process and equipment needs.
  • We can decrease your paint (gallon) requirements by providing better paint options for your particular needs.
  • From ordering to the final coat, our dedicated support members make the entire process a breeze.

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