This Phoenix Talon Burner used on Astec HMA Plants is protected with a Highland HiTemp OEM Coating System. This system meets the temperature requirements as well as provides corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal that will endure once it is in the field.

OEM’s producing equipment used in construction, aggregate and mining industries require coatings that are durable in hostile and rugged environments. Highland has a long history with these industries and can provide a wide range of OEM Coating System choices.

Highland Industrial OEM Coatings

Highland’s OEM Paint is customer tailored to optimize manufacturing efficiency and to ensure our OEM’s customers are pleased with aesthetics and durability. By working closely with our OEM customers, we keep their production maxed and VOC and HAPs emissions minimized.

Highland will assist in developing an OEM Paint System to expedite your process and maximize your profits.

oem coating

What is your primary goal for the paint shop?

Highland will work with you to refine and streamline the coating process while providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. Highland’s primary goal is to provide a great coating that may be applied quickly and efficiently to meet or exceed your OEM needs.

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