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Aero-Shield 61 Series

Aliphatic Copolymer Urethane 2-K DTM (Direct to Metal) Coating

This is a “Break Through” aerospace grade coating applied in one coat and provides outstanding adhesion to aluminum, steel and galvanized surfaces with minimum surface treatment. No pretreatment primer is required!

Its urethane properties, originally derived from aerospace technology, ensure ultimate gloss and color retention, UV protection, corrosion protection and durability. It has the highest level of impact resistance, making it an excellent coating for the construction industry. It is available in a full range of colors and finishes.

  • One Coat DTM for Aluminum, Steel and Galvanized surfaces

  • No Pretreatment Primer Required
  • UV & Corrosion Protection Plus Durability • Highest Impact Rating

  • Highest Impact Rating
aero sheild

HiShield 64 Series

Aliphatic Copolymer 2-K Urethane Topcoat

HiShield 64 Series Urethane Topcoat is ideal for OEM use. It has a quick dry- time that will significantly reduce production time and increase profits. The end result is a beautiful “Wet Look” finish with excellent corrosion protection and UV resistance. With 55% volume solids, you will get exceptional theoretical coverage of 293-440 sq. ft. per gallon based on the recommended 2-3 mils DFT. It is a beautiful and durable topcoat that is easy to apply and cost-effective in the OEM arena.

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