It is extremely important to keep your investments in your facility protected from weathering and degradation. LBM Quarry in Sapphire, NC s getting a coat of Highland 485 Series Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy DTM for maximum corrosion protection and durability in a very rugged environment. Highland Dry-Fall eliminates paint overspray damage and saves valuable time with spray-safe application.

Construction equipment requires durable abrasion resistant coatings and Highland has a wide range of coatings for outstanding performance in the field. Protect your equipment with a Highland coating that will ensure longevity even in harsh working environments.

Highland General Maintenance Coatings

When your business depends upon smooth-working equipment, maintenance is an everyday necessity. However, when it comes to coating system maintenance, you want maximized longevity of service before having to repaint or replace weathered components. The expense of such replacement, frequent repainting, or plant down time is not the way to stay ahead of the game! Highland will help you determine the best system for your industrial environment. A durable coating system will reduce facility down time and maintenance expenses as well as your stress level. Let Highland know your requirements for a coating system and we will give you our recommendations for a long-lasting system suited to your specific needs.

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