Construction equipment requires durable abrasion resistant coatings and Highland has a wide range of coatings for outstanding performance in the field. Protect your equipment with a Highland coating that will ensure longevity even in harsh working environments.

General Maintenance Featured Product

97 Series HiGrip Epoxy Mastic
Direct-to-Metal Coating

Quarry components are subjected to extreme daily abrasion and impact; the coating must remain intact to protect the substrate… no easy task. It needs to endure the constant grating effect of the aggregate to stop corrosion at the site of any dings or scarring.

Highland HiGrip 97 Series Epoxy DTM has excellent adhesion and is formulated to perform even on minimally prepared surfaces, such as rusty steel and deteriorated previously painted surfaces. It has a complex rust inhibitor and resin system, assuring very good corrosion protection in a single coat system. It may be applied 4-8 mils DFT for excellent corrosion protection in a single coat system. Or it may be applied 8-14 mils DFT in 2 coats for aggressive or severe chemical or atmospheric conditions.

  • High Build up to 14 mils DFT for
    maximum protection GM-FP 5-2011

  • Good adhesion and corrosion protection even on minimally prepared surfaces
  • Extremely durable in rugged industrial environments
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