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System Selections:

84/150 Series (Ambient)
Universal Hot Mix
860/865 Series (up to 400°F)
Where: Cold Feed Bins,Conveyors, Structural Steel, Control House, and Silos.

Why: Most economical option for “cold” areas of your plant. Offers longer lasting color and corrosion protection compared to the competition.

Where: All areas of your plant up to 400°F.

Why: The only paint system engineered specifically for Hot Mix Asphalt plants! The universal solution for optimal corrosion protection, color retention, and gloss. No heat cure required.

Hot Spot Eliminator
815 Series (up to 500°F) / 899 Series (up to 1000°F)
827-HB Series (up to 1200°F)
Where: Ductwork, KO Box, or any trouble spots on your plant that may see temps over 400°F.

Why: Eliminate color shift and premature failure at hot spots due to running higher RAP%. 500°F and 1000°F formulas available.

Where: Drum mixers/dryers. Also for priming hot spots or under insulation.

Why: The newest and most advanced solution for extreme high temperatures. Allows for highest build barrier in this temperature range keeping rust away from your drum.

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