HiTemp Dry Fall

High Temperature Dry Fall Coatings

Highland HiTemp Dry Fall Coatings were developed naturally by combining our two most dynamic products:  HiTemp High Temperature coatings and Spray-Safe Industrial dry fall coatings. This revolutionary combination provides the maximum heat resistance seen in our high temperature paint line with the specialty application abilities of our dry fall paint line. The result is truly unique. Areas that were previously left to corrode are now being painted. In addition to dry fall capabilities, the coatings in our high temperature dry fall paint line feature higher film builds, better color stability, and increased flexibility when compared to competitor products. Our High temperature dry fall coatings are saving time and preserving assets all over the world. Check out our HiTemp page for even more high temperature paint options.  

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High Temperature Dry Fall Primers


High Temperature Dry Fall Direct to Metal Coatings


High Temperature Dry Fall Topcoats

  • The only solvent-borne HiTemp dry-fall coatings on the market.
  • Higher film build options in our than the competition.
  • Better color stability than competitor products in the same category.
  • Dry-Fall spray applications are 4X faster than brush and roll applications.
  • Custom colors up to 1000°F  – From a color chip to the color of your favorite sports teams, we can match the exact color you need.
  • Lower heat cure requirements allow the use of a single system in service areas that may see a wide ranges of temperatures.

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