Paint Overspray is Powder Dry within 10-20 feet
from point of application…eliminating paint
overspray damage!

Even brush and roll paint application may cause paint damage problems when painting lofty structures such as this one. Paint droplets may travel miles when airborne and cause as much or more damage than overspray from spray application. Highland Dry-Fall is powder dry within 10-20 feet and overspray is easily wiped clean!

HiTemp Dry-Fall Solvent-Borne Coatings

Highland HiTemp Dry-Fall Coatings were developed naturally by combining our two most dynamic products: High Performance HiTemp and Solvent-Borne Dry-Fall Coatings.

Typically spray application in congested areas creates high potential for overspray damage. To avoid this, most painters and facility owners will opt for labor intensive brush and roll application even though this will not completely eliminate paint damage from airborne paint droplets. Highland High Performance Dry-Fall Coatings allow "Spray-Safe" application, saving time and money.

Highland HiTemp Dry-Fall Coatings are used successfully in the field by a number of industries including: Refineries, Hot Mix Asphalt Plants, Incinerators and Chemical Processing Facilities. In addition to saving time and money by allowing safe and fast spray application, these coatings are known for their rugged durability, aesthetic appeal, and fast topcoat/recoat time. HiTemp Dry-Fall is available in Primers, Direct to Metal Coatings, and Topcoats with a range of temperature protection from ambient to 1200˚F.

  • Highland HiTemp Dry-Fall Coatings are up to 4 times faster to apply than brush and roll application! Don’t worry about paint overspray… it wipes off clean without chemicals or buffing.
  • Highland Solvent-Borne HiTemp Dry-Fall Coatings are 3-4 times longer-lasting than conventional alkyd and water-borne paint

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