Paint Overspray is Powder Dry within 10-20 feet from point of application…eliminating paint overspray damage!

Highland Dry-Fall Paint allowed quick and efficient spray painting of this Southern Concrete Ready Mix Plant located within feet of the highway in Fletcher, NC. Because of the close proximity to highway traffic, they were very concerned about paint overspray damage but didn’t want the expense of brush and roll application. Highland Dry-Fall paint allows quick application with conventional or airless spray, saving time, money and eliminating overspray concerns!

Highland Dry-Fall Solvent-Borne Coatings

2-K Epoxy | 2-K Urethane | Acrylic

Highland Dry-Fall Solvent-Borne Coatings have changed the way contractors approach painting in congested areas. Projects previously viewed as “High Risk” for paint overspray damage were quoted at high rates, based on labor intensive brush and roll paint application. Facility owners were faced with extended plant down time and higher application costs. Highland Dry-Fall Coatings offer faster spray-safe applications saving time and money.

  • Highland Dry-Fall Coatings are up to 4 times faster to apply than brush and roll application! Don’t worry about paint overspray… it wipes off clean without chemicals or buffing.

  • Highland Solvent-Borne Dry-Fall Coatings are 3-4 times longer-lasting than conventional alkyd and water-borne paint
  • Highland Dry-Fall is also available in HiTemp Formulas with protection from ambient to 1200˚F.
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