This Dock Side Crane was painted with Highland 485 Dry-Fall 2-K Epoxy during normal working hours. Though the area below were busy with ships, trucks and cars there were no incidents of overspray damages.

Highland Dry-Fall Featured Products

475R Series Solvent-Borne 2-K Epoxy Primer
68R Series Solvent-Borne 2-K Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat

Theme parks want high gloss and brilliant color retention that appeals to the senses and draws in the crowds! They don’t want paint overspray damages to their customers’ cars. This roller coaster right on the beach is a perfect example of a project requiring a high perfor-mance Dry-Fall coating as well as extreme protection from salt spray and strong UV rays. Morey’s Pier is in an area where repairs for paint overspray damage to beach traffic and parking could potentially cost thousands!

Fortunately, Highland 475R Dry-Fall Polyamine Primer provides out-standing chemical, water, weath-ering, and corrosion protection and eliminates paint overspray damage. Paint overspray is pow-der dry within 10 to 20 feet from point of application and wipes off easily. 475R Series Epoxy may be applied up to 8 mils DFT and provides an excellent foundation for ensuring a long-lasting coating system. Topcoat with 68R Series Urethane for a beautiful automotive “Wet Look” finish that has the perfect combination of color purity, flexibility, UV, and corrosion protection even when exposed to a variety of harsh climatic and chemical environments. Paint overspray from 68R Series Urethane is powder dry within 10-20 feet from point of application and cleans up easily!

This project was completed 4 times quicker than if it had been brushed and rolled, and there was no incident of paint overspray problems!

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