CUI Coatings

Highland’s CUI coatings have raised the bar in the prevention of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) service category. A combination of high build barrier properties and extremely dense cross linking isolate the substrate from moisture, contaminates, and corrosion. Our CUI coatings can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -300°F to 1200°F. What’s more, some of our CUI coatings feature Dry-Fall properties. This unique feature allows for spray applications with no risk of overspray damage. These Dry-Fall options are only available from Highland. Highland CUI Coatings are offer resistance to boiling water,  fantastic heat and thermal shock resistance, direct applications to hot steel (up to 750°F), and more. All of this adds up to easier applications, and maximum service life even in the harshest services.  

CUI Coatings | Preventing Corrosion Under Insulation

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