Highland’s keen attention to advanced raw materials and formulation techniques, along with extensive research and development into service requirements, has led to a breakthrough in coating technology. Highland ChemTemp coatings are formulated to outperform competitor products in similar categories. A combination of extreme durability and fantastic chemical resistance make ChemTemp coatings the top choice for harsh chemical services.  These versatile coatings are well suited for many services including the following.

Internal Pipe Coatings, Tank Liners, & Secondary Containment Coatings

Tank Liners

Our tank liners and vessel coatings offer extreme durability and service life. These coatings are were specifically designed for high temperature services and extremely harsh cargoes.   

Internal Pipe Coatings

Pipelines all around the world are protected by our internal pipe coatings. These unique heat and chemically resistant coatings are available in standard spray-applied formulations, and pig-applied in-situ formulations.  

Secondary Containment Coatings

Our secondary containment coatings for concrete provide durable protection from harsh chemical attack. These coatings may be spray-applied or roll on, making them easier to apply than competitor trowel on systems. Additionally, our secondary containment coatings feature increased flexibility to combat cracking caused by mechanical vibration or concrete flex.

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