Recommended PAINT System Guide for Tanks and pipelines

Direct to Metal Coating and Liner-Coating

Product # Description: Recommended Use:
74 Series
Hybrid Epoxy Novolac 74 Series is a 2K thin-film Hybrid Epoxy Novolac Liner formulated to provide exceptional temperature and chemical protection. It may be applied by conventional or airless spray up to 16 mils DFT. Chem-Temp was developed as a DTM liner to withstand acidic, caustic, and high heat environments. Up to 300˚F for immersion and 450˚F for dry heat
485R Dry-Fall

Polyamine Epoxy

Highland is the only source for Dry-Fall High Performance 2-K Epoxy DTM Coatings

485R Dry-Fall 2-K DTM Epoxy is a very durable coating for use in rugged aggregate industries. It works on areas with minimal surface preparation and may be applied over tightly bonded rust or mill scale providin outstanding chemical, water, weathering and corrosion protection. As with all epoxies, it will not maintain gloss appearance, however, it will provide corrosion protection and surface integrity for a very long time.

Dry-Fall Primers

  Product # Description: Recommended Use:
BEST 335 DF Series
norganic Zinc 335-DF Series 2-K Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer cathodically protects steel and provides outstanding abrasionresistance and protection against undercutting and corrosion in normal to severe atmospheric conditions. 335 can be top-coated with 475 Series Dry-Fall Epoxy and/or 68 Series Dry-Fall Aliphatic Urethane to obtain the “Cadillac” of coating systems.
BEST 325 DF Series
Zinc Rich Epoxy 325-DF Series 2-K Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer provides outstanding abrasion resistance and protection
against undercutting and corrosion by cathodic protection. 325-DF Series can be top-coated with 475 Series Epoxy and/or 68 Series Acrylic Urethane to obtain a more premium coating system.
BETTER 475R Series
Polyamine Epoxy
475R Series 2-K Modified Polyamine Epoxy Primer offers outstanding chemical, water, weathering and corrosion
protection. Recommended DFT is 2-3 mils, but can be applied up to 8 mils DFT to achieve maximum corrosion protection even in severe chemical and atmospheric conditions. 475R Series can be top-coated with 68R Series Dry-fall Aliphatic Urethane to achieve an “automotive” high gloss finish and excellent corrosion and weathering protection
GOOD 84 Series
Modified Alkyd
84 Series Primer features an elaborate system of rust inhibitors for outstanding corrosion protection even in rugged climatic environments. 84 Series can be top-coated with 68 Series Dry-Fall Aliphatic Urethane, 720 Series Dry-Fall Modified Silicone Alkyd, or 65 Series Dry-Fall Modified Acrylic.

Dry-Fall Topcoats

  Product # Description: Recommended Use:
BEST HiShield
68R Series
Aliphatic Urethane

(offers all the benefits of a
urethane coating and is the
ONLY Dry-Fall 2-K Aliphatic
Urethane on the market!)
68R Series Dry-Fall 2-K Urethane is the paramount product in our line of High Performance Dry-Fall Coatings. This product should be used on areas where the highest durability and outstanding aesthetics are required. It will provide ultimate color purity, gloss retention, corrosion resistance, UV protection, abrasion resistance, and flexibility while eliminating overspray worries.
BETTER 720 Series
Modified Silicone Alkyd 720 Series is a single package modified silicone alkyd topcoat with excellent color purity and gloss retention. For a high gloss finish at a more economical cost than a urethane, this is a great choice.
GOOD 65R Series
Modified Alkyd 65R Series is a great high gloss Dry-Fall Topcoat at an economical price. It will not retain gloss and color purity as long as the 68R Series 2-K Aliphatic Urethane, but it is very durable and will provide years of protection.
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