Highland HiTemp
HiTemp Coatings are not just for heat protection!
Highland Dry-Fall
Dry-Fall Coatings without sacrifice to performance or aesthetics!
Highland HiTemp Dry-Fall
Dry-Fall and High Temperature protection all in one package!

High Performance Maintenance & OEM Paint

  • Low VOC coatings meeting Southern
    California Mandates
  • HAPs FREE and LOW HAPs Coatings
  • Dry-Fall Industrial Maintenance Coatings
  • HiTemp and HiTemp Dry-Fall
  • Maintenance Coatings
  • Specialized Maintenance Coatings
  • Customized OEM Paint

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NEW! HiTemp 48 Series HiBuild Insulation Epoxy

  • High Build up to 16 mils DFT
  • Lower 450°F surface temps by 120-140°F
  • Hot Surface Application

Click here to view the 48 Series Tech Sheet